The Nightmare

The Nightmare

It's summer. Sexy party under the open sky, 1 boundless. Her friends and tina live the fantasy of an entire production of decadent Berlin-party-kids. But after one night she's haunted by a mysterious ugly creature in nightmares she's. To is her psychologist. His advice is to reach out into the animal and to confront fears. Tina refuses but after she hears about her parents' plans to put her she starts talking into the animal. She slowly realizes that it has and that the creature is an incarnation of her anxieties. Afraid to be called a freak she starts concealing the animal in her place. After a time she gets near to it. It's almost like a relationship with a animal that is crazy. For the very first time in her lifetime, it almost seems as though Tina has got the courage. But then her parents and her pals watch the creature...
Duration: 88 min
Country: Germany

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